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Na zdjęciach widać jak wysychają płyty chodnikowe

Przyszła wiosna +10°C (normalna zima w UK)
i minął kac po 6 dużych bańkach które przeszły obok.
Ale to tylko umocniło pewność że szczęście jest blisko.

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Chwilowa zimowa depresja

Bo my brytyjczycy nie jesteśmy przyzwyczajeni do zimna.
Występuje paraliż komunikacyjny i depresja.

To są jakieś pułapki?

Prowadzilem rozmowy - wydawalo sie biznesowe i tak bylo.
Dzwonilem, sprawdzalem dane - ok.
Ktos chcial zaplacic duza kwote 6mln$ za to co zrobilem (sztuka).
ale dajac mi dostep do jakis kodow bankowych innej osoby i certifkat smierci tej osoby.
Czyli sam miałem sobie te pieniadze pobrać.
I pewno dostałbym te pieniądze, tylko później miałbym ogromne problemy.

Na szczęscie zorientowałem się że chodzi prawdopodobnie o uśmiercenie w papierach kogoś i wyłudzenie pieniedzy tej osoby. Czekałoby mnie długoletnie więzenie w UK,
a jeśli byłbym deportowany do Emiratów Arabskich to zgodnie z tamtejszym prawem może i śmierć.  Rezygnując z tranzakcji - straciłem pieniądze, ale mam spokój że nic się nie wydarzy.

Prawdopodobnie każdy musi przez takie coś przejść w biznesie, można się rozpłakać i poddać. Czy jestem na tyle zdeterminowany jak ci którym się udało?


Thank you for the reply to my email. I couldn’t reply you earlier because of the need for absolute secrecy in this transaction. And naturally since I cannot delegate anybody to reply such type of email, I had to do it personally because of its peculiarity. I want to begin by assuring you that we can consummate this transaction within 15 working days from the date of commencement. As the procedures relating to the transaction mentioned is not a complex one. And good enough it’s going to be a bank-to-bank transfer, therefore inherent risks are negated.

All it will take for you to commence this transaction is to write a letter accompanied by your details in the form as stated in my email attachment, this you will forward to my bank’s Legal Adviser/Attorney. It will serve to introduce you to the bank, and of course trigger the processing of your transfer request. The bank will then carry out some verification procedures; example, they will demand for the deposit and death certificate of the deceased

Every document that the attorney shall demand from you, I shall provide. Therefore, after making the request through the Bank Attorney by completing and forwarding the form below, he would naturally be expected to contact you via you email or phone.

Please ensure you utilize an email that only you have access to, and I will also need to stress the fact that the foregoing must be kept strictly between the two of us. Your email to the Attorney should also serve to request from the department the procedure(s) involved in claiming the funds entitled to you vis-à-vis the documents I shall make available to you to forward to him when he demands for such. I need to again stress the need for the two of us to work together to achieve success.

I want you to assure me that you will only take the percentage that I have already put forward to you, and nothing more. Humans tend to always have a change of heart in issues relating to money. And since it is going to be your account the funds will be transferred to, I need to be able to trust you,

And have a complete feel of confidence that my share will also accrue to me when we conclude this transaction. The nature of this transaction is the type that I cannot do alone without the help of an outsider. I am putting at stake my years of experience within the industry. This transaction is 100% risk free provided you follow my instruction.

And I want you to keep this transaction confidential regards to my status as a banker I don’t want anything that will spoil or tarnish my image as well as yours because I have a name here to protect. Please if you have any question asks because through question and answer that is when you will understand the transaction very well.

I have already mapped out 5% of the total sum to Charity Organization, 35% of the total sum to you, 55% for myself while remaining 5% for any expenses.

Please I advice you to go ahead and fill in the application form which I sent to you and send it back to me let me so that I can go through and see if ok before you sending it to my bank to avoid making any mistake.

Please call me on my direct number for more clarification.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Mr. Nadeem Siddiqui
Mobile: 00971-50-2832285


Thanks for your mail, your personal information you sent to me this shows sign of seriousness from your side and I have gone through application that you sent to me is ok,

Please you have to go ahead and send it to legal department of my bank; I have told you this before that in this transaction if you have one problem believe me I will have more than ten because everything will pass through my table.

As I said before please you shouldn’t worry yourself or to be afraid of anything I am the insider my duty is to make sure I guard and protect you till these funds finally transfer to your account.

I am begging you with the name of Allah try and keep everything confidential regards to my status as a banker I don’t want anything that will spoil or tarnish my image as well as yours in your country I have a name hear to protect.

I have to let you know this there is no way both of us can handle this transaction successfully without proper communication. If at any time, you have doubt and questions, is it better to keep quiet? Ask your questions so that I will clarify you that very point. It is upon maximum clarification, which brings much about greater understanding that we can work perfectly and get the funds out.

Please when you are sending this application you should not allow my name, my email, my phone number in short everything about me to be mention in the application form.

You have to send the application to these below two emails:


Thanks for your understanding and make sure you call me as soon as you receive this email.

Mr. Nadeem A. Siddiqui


Dear brother Mateusz,

Thanks for your mail updates from the attorney, I’m highly excited by the quick respond which the legal department of our bank gave to your application, that’s a very great move and steps ahead towards archiving our aim.

And regards his request for the documents, I hereby attached to you the required documents and I will like you to send them to the legal attorney immediately on the receipt of this mail, Endeavour to send them to him for his own perusal, kindly attach it with a copy of your passport copy, driving license or any valid identity card as he requested.

And again I still want you to keep this transaction within your self alone, as I have told you previously that I am well respected man here and I will never like to do anything that will tarnish my image here as well as yours, I valued my reputation and caliber more than this funds itself.

Please as soon as you get this mail try and acknowledge the receipt by calling me on phone or email, for more clarifications. You shouldn’t be afraid of anything as I’m still promising you 100% risk free of this transaction,

As I have carried out every modalities with absolute carefulness and courageously, all that I required from you is to maintain the uttermost confidentiality with this deal and to just follow my instructions as to enable us complete this deal and both of us will have a cause to laugh at the end of the transaction,

Then I will be meeting with you in your country for my future dealings as I will appreciate it if you should introduce me into some lucrative business ventures in your country for my future investments with part of my own share of the funds.

Please ask legal department of my bank to help you in getting affidavit at Dubai High Court of Justice it will be legal department of my bank duty to help you in getting affidavit at Dubai High Court of Justice.

My regards to you and your entire family members.

Mr. Nadeem Siddiqui
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