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Tylko 38 km a jestem "totally exhausted".

Ikonki dla takiego programu dla hoteli

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Pyszne towary z Polski

Chcieć móc znaczyć

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Rozmowy niedokończone

Endrju (Art Director z agencji na Fulham) wezwał mnie na interview. Jak gdzieś idę to nie czuje już niczego bo bym zwariował. Wchodzę, jestem, wychodze.

Chat z aktualnej pracy:

I am considering ordering pizza for lunch - is anyone keen on joining?
Iselin: hmm, that sounds lovely
Susana: hahahaha isnt pizza diet freindly??? Ill always have a little bite...
Matt Syrek: I want pizza as well!
Farrell: I'll smell it's tastiness but will not indulge
Farrell: Thank you Matt!
Iselin: napule does not deliver
Iselin: but there are several options I should think
Iselin: any requests for toppings?
Farrell: Pizza delivered to your door, surely no one does such a thing
Truuväär: same here, I have my lunch with me
Farrell: I'll eat a protein bar and pretend I'm happy (envy)

Susana: awwwwwww..... Pizzas are for Matt, Susana, Iselin and Chris (maybe we only need two?)  They are thin crust Italian style
Matt Syrek: Two bad very large
Farrell: It's like following the Da Vinci code!
Lovold: what the hell does that mean, Matt?
Matt Syrek: sory BUT not BAD
Iselin: you guys are so funny
Lovold: he wants bad pizzas - I will have the good ones, then
Susana: I have no objection with anything, only bad pizza... so ill follow Chris on this one.
Susana: hey dont laugh that was my breakfast!

Southall / ਸਾਊਥਹਾਲ

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